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Hey there. I’m glad you’ve stopped by.

The world feels a bit crazy right now and many important things are happening. Some of them are quite painful because they stretch us emotionally, spiritually.

A sensible person might wonder if generosity and love are still more powerful than greed and violence.

The same person may also ask if God even exists. Or think, ‘If there is a Creator, is He still listening, paying attention to what’s going on down here, much less caring about me in the mess and the muck?’

I very much think God exists.

And that He does care deeply about every single one of us. Without exception.

God shows up daily by extending us grace – in nature, through people, via circumstances, and orchestrating events. His handiwork is subtle, powerful, and exquisite. Once we open our eyes to see it, it’s hard not to be astonished by the beauty of it, everywhere.

Here at Like the Dewfall, I encourage you to see grace in your life and to look for the things that connect us – compassion, decency, goodness, and a desire for peace.

May this space always welcome all people, and serve as a lasting and loving memorial to the woman who inspired it, my step-sister Claudia, who died in 2014 while fighting an infection after the birth of her third child. Her spirit and resolve still offer me hope and guidance. Read more of her story here.

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Thanks again for stopping by.  Blessings and peace to you, today and always.


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    1. Maria,

      How wonderful! I’m glad you like it and I hope you’ll enjoy it in the future as well. Please let me know if there are any topics I can write about that might minister to where you are in your life right now. Thank you very much for reaching out and have a blessed day!

      All my best,

  1. Gretchen, I’m a PEO sister and friend of your momma. I absolutely loved your thought provoking article on choosing the Significant over the Short Lived. I checked with the original poster and then posted it on a Facebook page and have had several ask if you had thought about sharing it with our magazine. Wanted to let you know your words absolutely resonated with me.

  2. Hi Gretchen, so happy to find you and your work here. We met at convention. I was with Leslie from Chapter AB. Janet Lucia. I look forward to sharing.

  3. It was so nice to meet you on Friday and spend the time sharing our journeys with writing. I love your blog site and enjoyed reading the most recent blogs. Let’s stay in touch.
    Karen Ingalls

    1. Karen,

      It was an absolute pleasure to meet you too and I deeply appreciate your words of encouragement about writing. I look forward to continuing our friendship. Thank you again!

      All my best,

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