Day 7 – How to Spend a Day

Practically speaking, I spend less time on Wednesdays puttering around town transporting kids from one activity to another than any other day of the week, but that just means I spend more time dreaming up an extended list of ‘to-dos’ I can check off at home. And today, I created that agenda in a frenzy as I wolfed down my lunch.

My 3 kids were finally all at school (the youngest being only in afternoon preschool 3X a week). Like always, I had a fairly long list that I knew I could not possibly accomplish in one day, but I was willing to bend over backward trying. And then, thank goodness, I remembered – the most important factor in me having a good day is to put my tasks in order. Not in the order I would choose, but in the order God would choose. How should I do that? Only one way. Ask Him.

I hadn’t devoted time to God first thing in the morning, so I was off on the wrong foot already. But I’ve learned that I can restart my day anytime, and He’ll help.

I pulled out my Bible.

“He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it.”
— Matthew 10:39

I turned my heart to The Lord and thanked Him for providing this verse to me as part of my Bible study, and for doing so on this particular day. ¬†And then, I asked Him to prioritize my day. ¬†Because the real question is: Which of my activities are for His sake? Shouldn’t they all serve Him in some way? With His guidance,

Here’s what got done today:
– Extended Bible study and quality prayer time with my Lord
– Snack and giggle time with my kids after school
– Short impromptu piano concert from my daughter
– School paperwork so the kids can go on field trips
– Phone conversation with my dad
– Dinner made and served
– Attended a Boy Scout Court of Honor with my oldest son and saw him receive 3 merit badges
– Time catching up with my husband

Here’s what didn’t get done:
– Bathrooms not scrubbed
– Kitchen floor not scrubbed
– 2 Loads of laundry
– Phone calls re: health insurance questions
– Junk mail and paperwork sorted, filed, and/or shredded
– Some other stuff that I guess really wasn’t important after all….at least, not today

Glancing over the lists above, I shouldn’t be surprised. Whenever I ask Him, God always shows me that nothing material compares to the importance of nurturing relationships with the people God loves. And He loves ALL the people.

Even bathrooms must be scrubbed as an outgrowth of loving service to others. Perhaps He’ll call me to do that tomorrow.

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