Knowing Hope

I was flabbergasted by the conversation and didn’t want to forget a word. So I grabbed the closest piece of paper, my gym’s class schedule, and intermittently scribbled down what he’d said as we stopped at red lights, making our way to vacation Bible camp.


We’d been talking about how we’d be giving some money to a family with a sick child. To help them afford medical care. If a large sum was raised by tomorrow, the child’s father would shave his head at the closing ceremony.

Even though my son is only five, he understands illness. I just didn’t know what else he knew.

As we’re driving along at 9 a.m., suddenly he says:

“The medicine is not what works. God is actually the one.”

My heart starts pounding.

“Why is that?” I manage to ask.

“Because God heals.”

“How do you know that? Did you learn it somewhere? Or do you just know it?”

In a small but confident and reverent voice that takes my breath away, he says,

“I just know it.”

And there is nothing more to say.

Because Amen. It is certain.

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