Privacy & Disclosure Statement

It’s important that I let you know what I do with any information I receive when you visit this site – – and whether or not I make any profit from its activities. I will update these statements as needed. This version, 1.2, is effective June 29, 2019.

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Your Privacy

I care about your privacy and personal information. My current provider for email campaigns is, and if you complete one of my online subscription forms, your information will be added to my subscriber list. I promise not to share your personal data with any third parties, and is responsible for managing the information it stores on my behalf.

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Financial Disclosure

Though not much of this has happened yet, my blog may use affiliate programs to earn compensation, which means that when you click on some links (or photos) in my posts and make a purchase, a commission is credited to my blog. In the future, I may also accept cash advertising, sponsorship, or other forms of compensation. Currently, has an affiliate program relationship with one vendors: Grove Collaborative.

Please understand that if I recommend a product to you – either via a link-in-text or a product ad – it’s because I like it. Think of it as a suggestion from a well-meaning friend. 

Sponsored posts will be clearly marked as paid content. In other words, I’ll tell you up front that I have received payment to write about a specific topic. And that hasn’t happened yet!

Connections to Other Websites

If you ‘click away’ to another website through a link I provide, you should know that the site you visit next may have different privacy policies than mine. I am not responsible for the practices of other websites.


I am not an expert in any field. Please do not look for professional opinions in any legal, medical, theological or other areas on my site. There are thousands of good people with skills in these matters who are qualified to provide substantial and well-researched views on such topics. All I can offer you are my stories and my opinions. Please take them only as such.

I welcome your comments and would love to hear from you! However, I reserve the right to edit or delete without notice any comments which I believe are spam or likely to be spam, as well as those that I deem hateful and/or offensive, profane, vulgar or crude, especially those attacking individuals or groups of any kind.